DeFiSaver launches on Optimism and Arbitrum

DeFiSaver is now on Optimism and Arbitrum.

DeFiSaver launches on Optimism and Arbitrum

DeFiSaver, a popular DeFi automation platform, has launched on Arbitrum and Optimism, after more than three years, 100K user transactions and more than $6B in trade volume on the Ethereum mainnet.

The app currently supports Aave V3 on both L2 networks, integrating its new features like Portals, efficiency mode and isolation mode.

In addition to Aave, DeFi Saver integrated LI.FI as its bridging aggregator protocol, allowing users to bridge tokens between blockchain networks. The bridge currently only supports simple token transfers, but eventually it hopes to integrate entire positions between networks.

Note that DeFi Saver may potentially retrospectively airdrop a token to users in the future, so it’s worth taking a look and making some transactions with it.