Optimism $OP airdrop is coming – what you need to know

Optimism is launching the Optimism Collective, with it, the new OP token. Here's how to see if you qualify.

Optimism $OP airdrop is coming – what you need to know

Optimism is launching the Optimism Collective, a large-scale experiment in digital democratic governance stewarded by the newly formed Optimism Foundation.  

The Optimism Collective will be governed co-equally by two houses, the Citizens’ House and the Token House.

The Token House is established by Airdrop #1, bringing in the first thousands
of people who have engaged in positive-sum, community-oriented behavior. Token
holders will be able to vote on protocol upgrades, project incentives as a part of a Governance Fund, and more. The token is called OP.

The Citizens’ House will launch later in 2022. Together, the two houses of the collective will drive a powerful flywheel, funding public goods that make Optimism blockspace more valuable, leading to more revenue for public goods, and so on.

OP token

OP governs upgrades to the protocol and network parameters, and creates an ongoing system of incentives for projects and users in the Optimism ecosystem.

OP will have multiple airdrops. The first airdrop goes live in Q2 and more than 250,000 addresses are eligible.

OP airdrop #1 criteria

The first user airdrop will distribute 5% of the OP token supply. This airdrop is targeted towards people who:

  • Behave in positive-sum ways.
  • Contribute actively to their communities.
  • Have been priced out of Ethereum.

Optimism users

  • Address bridged to Optimism from L1 during the early phases of mainnet (prior to Jun 23, 2021), or used Optimism for more than 1 day (at least 24 hours between their first and last transaction) and made a transaction using an app (after to Jun 23, 2021).

Repeat Optimism Users

  • Address is an ‘Optimism User’ and made at least 1 transaction with an Optimism application across four distinct weeks. This selects for the top 20% of ‘Optimism Users’.

Active Ethereum Participants

  • Address has either voted on or authored at least one proposal on-chain, or at least two on Snapshot

Multi-Sig Signers

  • Address is a current signer on a Multi-Sig which has executed at least 10 transactions all-time (this cohort includes 95% of all multisig transactions).

Gitcoin Donors

  • Address has made an on-chain donation through Gitcoin. This includes any donation, regardless of if it was during a matching round.

Users Priced Out of Ethereum

  • Address bridged to another chain, but still made an app transaction on Ethereum in each month after they bridged, and transacted at an average rate of at least 2 per week since then (top 60% of matching addresses).
  • Bridges included top L1s by TVL: Terra, BSC, Fantom, Avalanche, Solana, Polygon; and general-purpose L2s: Arbtirum, Optimism, Metis, Boba.
  • Addresses had to have bridged away from Ethereum at least 90 days before the snapshot.

Overlap Bonus

Early Optimism users who also match multiple Ethereum criteria may be most likely to become important participants in the Optimism ecosystem, so these addresses were rewarded with an extra overlap bonus.

  • Criterion: Address matches an ‘Optimism Early Adopter’ criterion, and matches at least 4 criteria sets in total (including Optimism criteria).

In addition, a global filtering criteria was applied to filter out addresses which were farming the airdrop, exchange addresses, Snapshot bots and spam, exploiters and more.

To find out if you qualify for the airdrop, head over to the Governance page.