Velodrome Finance $VELO airdrop is LIVE - Here's how to claim

Velodrome Finance airdrop of $VELO tokens is now live.

Velodrome Finance $VELO airdrop is LIVE - Here's how to claim

It's Optimism airdrop season baby – this time, Velodrome Finance, an AMM inspired by Solidly Finance, is launching its protocol with an airdrop of $VELO tokens.

What is Velodrome Finance?

Velodrome Finance is an AMM (automated market maker) adapted from Solidly, but with several modifications:

  • a trading fee of only 0.02%
  • near-zero slippage on uncorrelated or tightly correlated digital assets
  • route trades through stable and volatile asset pairs
  • no-upkeep, flash loan-proof, 30-minute time-weighted average price (TWAP) with direct quoting support

It uses its native token $VELO and distributes them to liquidity providers on a weekly basis. $VELO can be staked for $veVELO to receive trading fees, rewards, and more.

Velodrome launch on Optimism and airdrop details
Velodrome Finance is launching on Optimism and will be airdropping its native token VELO to early Optimism users.

How to claim VELO Airdrop

Head over to the claim page and click Claim Airdrop. If you qualify for the airdrop, you would see it on the page.

Qualification criteria:

  • 3755 $VELO/wallet — Addresses qualified as Repeat Optimism Users
  • 3500 $VELO/wallet — Curve Protocol wallets with a 1450+ days (maximum) $veCRV lock time
  • 3000 $VELO/wallet — Convex Protocol lockers of $vlCVX since new lock contract deployment
  • 3000 $VELO/wallet — Treasure DAO Genesis Mine $MAGIC stakers for 1- and 3-month periods
  • 2000 $VELO/wallet — Platypus Protocol stakers with $vePTP and $PTP balance
  • 500 $VELO/wallet — Redacted Cartel participants in genesis Dutch auction who didn't sell their $BTRFLY
  • 500 $VELO/wallet — Eminence Finance wallets affected with EMN, eAAVE, eLINK, eYFI, eSNX or eCRV balance

Once you've claimed, you can use their app to swap VELO for USDC, which seems to be the pool with the highest liquidity.